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Entries are also open for CNB Raceway Park.  In addition, to aiding in advance tire inventory production and planning, on time submission of entry form increases the opportunity for your team and sponsors to potentially be mentioned in releases, stories, and other media prior to the race weekend.  Please submit entry forms as soon as possible.


SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Just a reminder to check the condition and dates of fuel cells, harnesses, fire bottles and other safety related equipment.  Also, please note that HANS or Hutchens devices are mandatory for SCSCS competitors.



Super Cup and CNB Bank Raceway Park Officials Move Season Opener to May 16


Skyland, North Carolina (April 22, 2015) – Due to concern of uncertain weather predicted ahead and an opening in the schedule, Super Cup Stock Car Series and CNB Bank Raceway Park officials have made the decision to move the season opening Window World 75 presented by RH2 to Saturday, May 16.  The schedule of events from May 2 will remain the same as originally released and the track’s free grandstand admission promotion will continue to be honored.  


“The 10 day forecast shows the potential for a bad weather system and we are planning for this to be the biggest event since our NASCAR show in 2012. There was an opening to move the event with the Super Cup Stock Car Series so we took the opportunity to do what we think will be best for all the fans who plan to come out,” said CNB Bank Raceway Park owner Tim Bainey Jr.

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CNB Bank Raceway Park to Offer Free Grandstand Admission for Super Cup Opener


Skyland, North Carolina (April 20, 2015) – Fans will now have the opportunity to see the Super Cup Stock Car Series kick off the 2015 season free of charge.  CNB Bank Raceway Park track owner Tim Bainey Jr. and family have announced that they will open the gates for all visitors who wish to check out the Clearfield, Pennsylvania facility on Saturday, May 2.


“We have some great partners and sponsors at the CNB Bank Raceway Park.  I met with several of them and talked it over with my family and we decided to make the first event of the season on us,” Bainey said in a recent track release.


“The only way for our sport to keep going is for fans to come out and support it; if the fans show up then our advertising partners will continue to help put these shows on and the drivers and teams will be able to continue to compete,” Bainey continued.  “That is the reason we decided to give free admission to this first event. We want everyone to come out and give it a try – bring the family and see what you think of it.”

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Mix of Newer Faces in Hopes of Adding to Super Cup Competition in 2015


Skyland, North Carolina (April 14, 2015) – The bulk of veterans have already committed to returning for another season, continuing a sturdy foundation in the Super Cup Stock Car Series.  As an added bonus, fans will see a fresh look with several drivers announcing their intentions to join in on the fun starting with the upcoming season opener at CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield, Pennsylvania.

Hometown driver Dan Bainey comes in with the goal of keeping up with the front runners and maybe putting a trophy on the shelf.  Debuting at the end of last season with a strong fourth place finish gives him high hopes going into 2015.


"It helps with my confidence as a driver, since for 15 years I have always been the one wrenching on the cars,” said Bainey.

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Brandon Harrison and Family Team Working Hard for More Super Cup Success


Skyland, North Carolina (March 31, 2015) – One staple since almost the beginning of the Super Cup Stock Car Series has been the presence of the Harrison family from deep in the valley of West Virginia.  2015 will be no different with three family members intending to run the full schedule once again, and perhaps looking forward to it the most is the youngest member of the racing family Brandon Harrison.

The driver in his mid-20s will return to racing on a full time basis after very limited starts in the last couple seasons.  Brandon got back in a rhythm quickly at the final race of 2014 with a top five qualifying effort and although his race was cut short after being collected in a wreck, he is optimistic heading into the season opener.

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Western Pennsylvania Drivers to Build upon Past Experiences and Results in 2015


Skyland, North Carolina (March 11, 2015) – The rural areas surrounding the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have seen a hotbed of asphalt racing talent in recent decades, and the presence from that region has grown in the Super Cup Stock Car Series.  One bragging right the western part of the state does not have is a series championship; however, a couple drivers had their best season to date in 2014 and continue to inch closer toward that goal.

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SCSCS Opens the Door to Potential New Competitors in 2015


Once again, changes in other series have brought inquiries and requests to SCSCS officials to permit deviations from the established and proven Super Cup rules package which would allow new competitors to join the series.  SCSCS officials are announcing that on a limited and restricted basis, former Pro Cup competitors will be permitted to bring their existing car to SCSCS races.


“Managed growth has allowed the SCSCS to consistently offer a level of affordable competition while also minimizing impact to our members family and business responsibilities,” says series director Joe Schmaling.  We recognized the need to consider what are the minimum requirements/ changes necessary that could permit these teams to enter our series without losing our identity or creating a negative impact to our current full-time competitors or sponsors such as PFG, one of our longtime sponsors from the very beginning and supplier of the nose and tail panels used in the series.”


Our policy has been to let them look and then get like us, within reason.  Currently, the group of cars that are available and indicating an interest in moving to SCSCS are former Pro Cup competitors.  I have always tried to keep an open mind about the cars and teams in our series.  For example, from the beginning, we had provisions to permit the old “Busch” cars to race, however none ever came.  Additionally, we also opened the door to permit former “Nationwide” cars and two came.”


Permission to race in the SCSCS will be granted on a limited case by case basis.  Interested parties should contact SCSCS series director Joe Schmaling for further details.  Whereas maintaining car count is absolutely the single most important thing to the SCSCS, the series extends the invitation for new competitors while also remaining committed to the core group of racers, as well as sponsors, who have consistently supported and competed in series events through the years.



Super Cup Stock Car Series Announces Change in Tire Supplier


Skyland, North Carolina (January 26, 2015) – At this past weekend’s Motorsports 2015 Racecar and Trade Show at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center a special announcement was made about the tires that will be utilized in the Super Cup Stock Car Series.


Beginning with the season opener at CNB Bank Raceway Park (PA) in May, the American Racer EC-82 economy compound will be the tire of choice.  The supplier, Lias Tire based out of Indiana, Pennsylvania, will help with a mix of new and used tires to continue with the legacy of affordability in the series.

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2015 Race Schedule

Preferred dates listed below

Date Track
5/16 CNB Bank Raceway Park
TBD Jennerstown Speedway
6/13 Columbus Motor Speedway
6/27 CNB Bank Raceway Park
7/17 Motordrome Speedway
8/8 Midvale Speedway
8/22 CNB Bank Raceway Park
9/12 Jennerstown Speedway
Schedule subject to change without notice.
2014 Race Results
Date Track
4/19 Hickory Motor Speedway
5/10 Jennerstown Speedway
5/31 Columbus Motor Speedway
6/28 CNB Bank Raceway Park
7/19 Jennerstown Speedway
8/9 Midvale Speedway
8/23 CNB Bank Raceway Park
9/13 Jennerstown Speedway


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