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2017 SCSCS

National Champion

Jim Crabtree Jr.

2017 SCSCS

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Jim Crabtree Jr. - North

Ben Ebeling - South

2017 SCSCS

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Jerod Brougher

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Charlie Canterbury

1953 to 2009



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The History of the Super Cup Stock Car Series


Chapter One


About a year ago a rumbling started in the short track world.  Talk about a touring series that was affordable started to circulate.  With interest growing and costs escalating out of control the time was right.  Major changes year after year forced teams to withdraw from USAR.  The time had come to get back to the basic idea of running the cars that you already had.  Several people were interested in a low cost series and came together to make it happen.  The time for talking was over, and the time for doing was here.


On October 13th 2007 Hickory Motor Speedway was chosen for an exhibition race.  Teams from as far away as Iowa and Pennsylvania came to compete.  Fifteen cars showed up for a 50 lap trophy dash.  Dexter Canipe Jr. of Newton NC. won the race.


On October 27th a second race at Tri-county speedway had competitors from Florida, Mississippi and Indiana joining in as well.  Ryan Miller from Ohio won that race.


The Super Cup Stock Car Series was formed by a five member advisory board consisting of Owners, Drivers and Officials from USAR.


On November 11th 2007 a meeting was held to determine the format of this series.  The exhibition races indicated that a new series would be well received.  The core of this series would be pro-cup cars that were no longer eligible to compete.  The New Series Made appearances at the PRI Show in Orlando as well as Piedmont Expo in NC.  The schedule was set for 2008.  In three hundred and fifty three days, ten sanctioned races were held in five states at seven different race tracks.  The new series had four first time winners.  Two veterans also won races making six different winners in it's first season.



Chapter Two


The direction of the Super Cup Stock Car Series may have changed, but its goals have not.


Continue with a simple idea that we started with in the first place:  Race the cars that you have and don't change anything that you don't have to.  Be inclusive, not exclusive, allow similar type cars to race with the fewest amount of changes.  Hold races in the areas where the teams are.


We have never forgotten that this series was started for the people who were priced out by constant changes and high travel costs.  The main reason we have been so successful is by controlling the costs.  Our experience shows that the most expensive thing in racing is a rule that saves money. (Amen)


Over the years this series has seen a little bit of everything.  We had a mix of Winston Cup, Busch, and ARCA cars along with North & East series cars.  These cars are still welcome today with some minor changes that help us to maintain our own identity.


When Pro Cup shut down at the end of 2014 it left teams wondering what they can do with these cars.  Several Pro Cup cars have already switched to SCSCS after the greenhouse area was approved last year making the changeover much easier.


Slowly over the last seven years the series moved its races, as registration grew in the north and declined in the south.  SCSCS first raced at Motordrome Speedway (PA) in 2010.  In 2013 we raced at CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield for the first time.  2014 saw the series return to CNB twice and also raced two times at the recently reopened Jennerstown Speedway.


The 2015 season will see a return of asphalt racing to the keystone state in a big way with all three tracks in West-Central Pa. open and hosting Super Cup races.


Super Cup will begin its eighth season at CNB on May 2nd and will be passing though Motordrome for a summer sizzler race on July 17th ending at Jennerstown in September for the Flight 93 Memorial race after their annual stops at Midvale and Columbus Motor Speedway in Ohio.


SCSCS has had several requests to bring the series to some southern tracks in the near future and is looking to return our style of stock car racing to North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and West Virginia.  Teams and track owners are encouraged to contact SCSCS for more information.


The future looks bright for the series, teams, and tracks that host them.



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2018 Race Schedule




Dominion Raceway

Thornburg, VA


Midvale Speedway

Midvale, OH


Kingsport Speedway

Kingsport, TN


Jennerstown Speedway

Jennerstown, PA


Dominion Raceway

Thornburg, VA


Jennerstown Speedway

Jennerstown, PA


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Jennerstown Speedway

Jennerstown, PA


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Dominion Raceway

Thornburg, VA

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