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2017 SCSCS

National Champion

Jim Crabtree Jr.

2017 SCSCS

Division Champions

Jim Crabtree Jr. - North

Ben Ebeling - South

2017 SCSCS

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Jerod Brougher

In Memory of a Racer

Charlie Canterbury

1953 to 2009



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Opening Day Coming Up!

Skyland, North Carolina (March 6, 2008) - The highly anticipated premiere of the new Super Cup Stock Car Series is only two days away!  The first official race will be held at Tri-County Motor Speedway this Saturday, March 8th at 4:30 PM. Many cars will first hit the track on Friday for an open test at the speedway.


There is already a successful buzz in the air about this new series.  The opening race has expected entries from Iowa, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi and Florida.  Forecasts show that race time weather will be around 50 degrees which will be welcome to the competitors coming from the Midwest and northeast!


A note for competitors: With the max 8200 RPM rule, the gear range is expected to be from a 6.20 to a 6.35.



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2018 Race Schedule




Dominion Raceway

Thornburg, VA


Midvale Speedway

Midvale, OH


Kingsport Speedway

Kingsport, TN


Jennerstown Speedway

Jennerstown, PA


Dominion Raceway

Thornburg, VA


Jennerstown Speedway

Jennerstown, PA


Championship Weekend

Jennerstown Speedway

Jennerstown, PA


Special Event

Dominion Raceway

Thornburg, VA

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