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Saturday night under the lights at Shenandoah Speedway


Skyland, North Carolina (June 13, 2009) - The third outing of 2009 saw Tyler Nuckles won his second pole of the year with a fast time of 16.286 seconds.  The Draw/invert put Jody "Hurricane" Harrison in the # 1 starting position.  However, the threat of rain the race was on.


At the green, Jody would lead for nine laps before Tyler took over the top spot.  Michael Mohelski made a hard charge for the top spot bringing Rob Jones and Harvey Harrison on his quest for his first victory in the Super Cup Series.  Michael has two second place finishes in three starts and has a taste for the big one.  Neil Gacom of Hinckley Ohio also had designs on the top spot as well only being stopped by the rain.

# 71 Tyler Nuckles.--Columbus Ohio.

# 12 Michael Mohelski --Frederick Md.

# 1 Rob Jones ---Bowie Md.

# 51 Harvey Harrison. --Renick W. V

# 2 Neil Gacom. --Hinckley Ohio.

# 40 Todd Peck. --Glenville Pa.

# 77 Kevin Kromer. --Walnutport Pa.

# 13 Craig Wood-- -- Culpeper Va.

# 15 Brian Harrison. --Renick W. V.

# 55 Jimmie Nowell. --Decatur Ms.

# 19 Travis Whitt Culpeper Va.

# 75 Jody Harrison. --Renick W. V.

# 9 Jack Jones. -- Bevercreek Ohio..

Super Cup Series returns to Shenandoah Speedway on September 26th for the second time in 2009 and would like to thank Jeff / Stacey Vaughan and staff for making our first of many visitís a very pleasant experience.


The series moves to Franklin County Speedway on the Fourth of July.


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